The Composer Essay is used as a replacement for a missed performance.  It is not a punishment for missing a performance, it is an a opportunity for students to make-up the missed performance grade.

Students will need to write a 1 page typed essay on one of the following 
composers.  You should use the Internet to find your information.  Most sites will 
have some short musical excerpts along will all the info you will need.  Include the 
address of all the sites you got information from.  Below are some facts you 
should include in your essay.

1, Composer dates (born – died)
2, Major works (important compositions)
3, Country of birth
4, Jobs held if any.
5, Important world events that affected the composer and his work.

 Essay's should be at least one full page, single spaced, with a font no larger 
than 12.  Computers are available in the band room with Internet access, Microsoft word, and 

Composers you can choose from.

  • Gustav Mahler
    Stephen Foster
    Antonin Dvorak
    John Williams
    Igor Stravinsky
    Sergei Rachmaninoff
    George Gershwin
    George Frideric Handel
    Franz Joseph Haydn
    Maurice Ravel
    Franz Schubert
    Igor Stravinsky
  • Antonio Lucio Vivaldi