The past 18 years at Dana, Mr. Flores, parents and students have built up the infrastructure of the music department here at Dana Middle School.  Instruments, computers, instrument lockers, risers, and supplies have all been purchased through fundraising.  Now that we have it, we have to keep it going.  The cost of an instrumental music program is high, but the reward is higher!

     The music program at Dana is one of the largest in the San Diego Unified School District, but with the budget problems the district has been facing we receive no funds for the program outside of Mr. Flores’ salary.

     When you look at the entire program you will see:  Three concert bands, two orchestras, two jazz bands, and our afterschool elementary orchestra and band.  This means 9 separate groups needing their own music, instruments, supplies, coaches, instrument storage space, and infrastructure upkeep.  What a wonderful situation to have, but how to pay for it?

      In place of heavy fundraising, parents informed me they would rather make a direct donation.  We still do light “fun group based” fundraising like “Rock Climbing Nights,” “gift wrapping,”  “raffles,” “bake sales,” and “Restaurant Nights”, but no selling of products of any kind.

        The Dana Instrumental Music Association is a Tax Exempt Organization otherwise known as a 501(c)3* organization. The purpose of the organization is to raise funds for the music program at Dana.  All monies collected will go into a general fund, not into an individual student’s account. None of the donations will be identified as payment for any of the instrumental music field trips or uniform purchases.  All funds will used to support the instrumental music program.