Knott’s Berry Farm Trip

Symphonic Band

Price Breakdown

April 19th, 2019


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Price Breakdown


Knott’s Berry Farm                                          $36        

Expenses                                                          $34                                                    

(Parking, Chaperone Driver Tickets, Other group expenses)

 Total                                                                 $70                                                    

     There are some costs involved with our Knott’s Berry Farm Performance.  First, the kids still must purchase a group rate tickets for the park.  If you have a season pass that is fine, you will only need to pay the $34 “extra expenses” This is something new for Knott’s and the reason I stopped performing at Disneyland.  Charging students even when they perform seems to be the new normal for amusement parks.  There is also group costs involved.  Its $20 per car to park, and I feel that parent drivers should have parking and their Park Tickets paid for as a way to compensate for the cost of gas that I can’t legally refund them.  Only parents that carry 3 or more students (including theirs) will be compensated.  So while $34 seems high, a bus would (based on 2016 pricing) be more like $65 a student on top of the park cost.  Other group expenses include first aid and “get though the day” items available for the kids while in the park at the chaperone table.                                   

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Knott's Down Payment
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+  A $35 down payment is due by February  14th, 2019 for each student attending the trip. With a final payment of $35 on March 15, 2019.

+++++If you are able to pay the whole trip at once it would be a great help with bookkeeping. +++++

 +  Students looking to get a scholarship must apply in writing by the down payment date of February  14th, 2019.  In my 17 years of taking a trip I have never left a student behind because of financial need, but I can’t guarantee acceptance.  I don’t need a “reason” for the scholarship, just that your request.

+ Refunds can’t be made after March 15, 2019.   A refund request must be in writing (e-mail is ok) to Mr. Flores.  Withdrawal from Dana is not notice for a refund.  Refunds can’t be made for students that do not meet the off- campus performance criteria (see below for requirements).

 +  Students MUST meet the school off Campus performance criteria to participate.  

- Academic 2.0 for most recent reporting period
- Citizenship 2.0 for most recent reporting period
- 10+ days of unexcused absences in the current semester

-Zero Friday schools / suspensions

-less than three detentions in the current semester