Knott's Trip - March 10th

Symphonic Band & String Orchestra

March 10th, 2017


Price Breakdown



Knott’s Berry Farm                                      $35 

Bus                                                                 $50                                                  

Expenses                                                       $15                                                  

(Teacher Chaperones, equipment truck, other group expenses)

 Total                                                                          $100                                               

Knott's Full Payment
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Knott's Down Payment
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+  A $50 down payment is due by December 12th , 2016 for each student attending the trip. With a final payment on January 10th, 2017. If you can pay the whole trip at once it would be a great help with bookkeeping.  Chaperones $50 down payment is due by January 16th, 2017 along with all district paperwork and TB Test.

+  Students looking to get a scholarship must apply in writing by the down payment date of December 12th, 2016.

+  Refunds can’t be made after February 10, 2017, and the cost of your bus seat ($50) cannot be refunded as we are charged per bus, not per bus seat. All buses are ordered based on our original head count.   A refund request must be in writing (e-mail is ok) to Mr. Flores.  Withdrawal from Dana is not notice for a refund.  Refunds can’t be made for students that do not meet the off campus performance criteria (see below for requirements).

+  Students MUST meet the school off Campus performance criteria to participate.  

- Academic 2.0 for most recent reporting period
- Citizenship 2.0 for most recent reporting period
- 10+ days of unexcused absences in the current semester

-Zero Friday schools / suspensions

-less than three detentions in the current semester

+  All meals will be purchased by students.  Students are welcome to bring sack lunch.

+  Adult Chaperones must complete the required district forms and TB test before signing-up to be a chaperone.  The deadline for adult chaperone sign-up is January 16st, 2017.  There can be no substitution for a chaperone, only the person who has completed the district forms may attend.  NO EXEPTIONS. 

+  Parents are welcome to drive themselves and their child up for the performance, but I will still need the full payment for the student.  Busses are per bus, not per seat.  I still must pay for an empty seat.  Good news is we get charter busses again, so the bus ride is nice.

+  This is not a required performance.  No student must attend.  There is no make-up for the trip, it is not part of the student’s grade.