NotePad Assignment #1

     In this assignment you will lean to use Note Pad notation software.  For this assignment you will need one of your class song sheet music papers.  You will be copying 24 measures from your music including notes, dynamics, and articulations.  

1.  Open Finale Note Pad.

2.  Create a new Document.  Write in the Title and composer of the song you are copying. 

3.  Select the instrument.

4.  Select the key and time signature that matches the song you are copying.

5.  Using the menu on top copy your sheet music.  Its ok to experiment with the different menu selections, that the whole point, to lean how Note Pad works.

6. To save your work go to FILE (top left corner).

         -Select "Save As"

         -On the left of the window Select "This PC" Find main(\\Dimaserver) (X:) and double click

         -Open the Folder "Assignments Notepad"

         -Open the Folder that matches your class period.

         -Open the Folder for "Assignment #1"

         -Then in the "File Name" box put your full name, and click Save.